C&G Selected for ABQ Film and Music Festival

Caffeine and Gasoline: Evolution of the American Rocker has been selected for the 2019 Albuquerque Film & Music Experience (AFMX) festival. The selection marks the public premiere of the five-year project and labor of love by filmmaker Steven Maes.

“I am honored to have my film debut as an official selection of this great festival,” said Maes. “So many talented people worked incredibly hard to make this film a reality – the featured cast, the crew, the musicians that wrote and contributed original music, and my amazing family who supported this project from day one.”

Tracing its roots from 1960’s East London and the legendary 59 Club, cafe racer motorcycle culture and its “Rocker” movement originally drew from American music and fashion to create their own brand of rebellion and counter-culture, done up British-style. Caffeine and Gasoline highlights the fascinating culture of the Rocker and how it transformed as it slowly migrated from the United Kingdom to the United States. The film explores this early history, and the growing modern-classic movement while following the multifaceted cafe racer community, discovering a large and varied group drawn to the subculture within the subculture of motorcycle riding.

Caffeine and Gasoline features appearances from familiar faces, such as actress Katee Sackhoff and architect Antoine Predock, to previously unknown motorcycle builders and enthusiasts. Despite differences in their ages, levels of fame, or geography, everyone appearing in the film emphasizes a shared passion for the open road, best savored atop a snarling two-wheeled speed racer ⁠— sometimes mere moments after the machine was put back together in a greasy garage or driveway.

About AFMX

The AFMX is a premier interactive film and music festival, held in New Mexico each September, featuring domestic and international movies, industry panels and workshops, networking events, parties and live music.

Starting in 2019, AFMX is choosing an annual theme and films and music demonstrating the connectedness of the two creative mediums. This year, the theme is ROAD FLICX, highlighting the cinematic and musical expression of the open road, a metaphor for the search for the enduring spirit of freedom. The selection features open-road movies and their soundtracks, featuring actors, directors, writers, musicians and others who made the films memorable.

The cornerstone of ROAD FLICX will be the celebration of the 50th anniversary of of the iconic film Easy Rider, arguably the most recognized and emblematic road flick of all time. Festivities will include a motorcycle ride to Taos, New Mexico, marking milestones from the film such as shooting locations and Hopper’s burial site. The ride will conclude with a special ceremony to commemorate the anniversary.

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