Blackbird Film Festival

This film trailer did an excellent job of grabbing the attention of the audience and sparking interest in a longer film. The cinematography was strong and used stylistic camera angles, drone footage, and still shots. The sound quality was excellent and consistent throughout the trailer. The main character of the trailer seemed easy to form an emotional connection to as he discussed family with passion and it was evident that he was connected to what he was discussing. I thought the film was the beginning of the actual film at first, and was excited to watch the entire thing, which was a good sign. I could see a longer film resulting from this trailer and would definitely want to watch it.

I think that this trailer listed itself improperly and wrote its run-time as the trailer time. However, I found this trailer to be of very high quality. The picture was very clear and the cinematography was also on the higher end. I liked the way the sentences to describe the film remained the same and only changed the last word receptively, I think it was a creative and appealing approach. The people in the film seemed charismatic and left me wanting to see more of it. The trailer gave a good sense of what the film would be about and did so in an entertaining light.

This film to me shows more than just guys and girls coming together to ride motorcycles and work on them. Each motorcycle has its own personal story from the scratches to dings just like the people riding them. It’s about a brotherhood that you can’t get anywhere else there’s nothing else like, if you’re riding on two wheels no matter what your riding you’re part of it. Production Strengths: the attention to detail when it came to the motorcycles, and the people. you could see every age spot and wrinkle or smooth face even different hairs in some of the peoples beards and they each have their own story to tell.

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