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Cast and Crew Screening

We are excited to finally announce the location of the private cast and crew screening at the Dyna Theater at the New Mexico History Museum. A major THANK YOU to Ivan Wiener and Albuquerque Film & Music Experience for helping to set up the venue. Thanks to Dyna Theater manager…

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Blackbird Film Festival

This film trailer did an excellent job of grabbing the attention of the audience and sparking interest in a longer film. The cinematography was strong and used stylistic camera angles, drone footage, and still shots. The sound quality was excellent and consistent throughout the trailer. The main character of the…

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First Award for C&G

Hopefully the first in a long line of #amaesing things to come for Caffeine & Gasoline: Evolution of the American Rocker! We were selected WINNER of the month of October for the Official Trailer, by the awesome folks at DMOFF. I am incredibly grateful to the team that’s been so supportive lending…

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